Echo® 9 Hydrogen Machine

What's included in the Echo® 9?:
**Echo® Forever Warranty is the best in the industry.
**The Echo® 9 has patented technologies 
**The Echo® 9 is guaranteed to operate scale free
**You will not find a better system in terms of performance, reliability, quality, and support…period.

Echo® 9 Under Sink System with Digital Faucet

**Available in 120v or 220v.
**Forever Warranty-no exclusions.
**Multi-Stage filter including Tourmaline.
**Highest concentration of H2.
**Available in Satin/Stainless Steel and Chrome finish.
**Elegant looking Digital Faucet for under counter installation.
**Patented Anti-Scale Technology
**Installation is included in the transaction

Echo® NHM-130

Counter Top Hydrogen Infusion Machine

**Most advanced HIM on the market
**Slim design takes up very little space
**Have Hydrogen infused water for pennies per glass

**Free Shipping!

Echo® H2 Drops™

Echo H2 Drops were developed to enable customers to have the H2 water while traveling. 

These drops are an easy way to add the amazing properties of molecular hydrogen to a bottle of water anytime anywhere. It is essential for anyone who is serious about health. A unique patent pending formula converts regular water to the hydrogen enriched water with the highest possible concentration of molecular hydrogen.

Echo® 9 Filter

Here's What You Get With The Echo® Filter:
*The filter is designed to last 1000 gallons (roughly 1 year).
*The Echo® Water Ionizer will tell you “Please Change Filter” when needed.
*50%-60% of fluoride is removed.
*If you want 100% of fluoride removed, we will provide a 1st fluoride filter free.
*Tourmaline in the Echo® filter emits Far Infrared energy into the water.

Echo® H2 Tablets

Benefits of Echo® H2 Tablets:
**Helps lower oxidative stress
**Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergy
**Convenient & easy to use (Water tastes smooth and light)
**Supports cognitive function
**Good source of daily Magnesium
**May help with erectile dysfunction
**Reduces fatigue experienced during and after exercise


Some Uses of EchoMist®:
   (Wonderful Hand Sanitizer, Great for Acne, Hydrating and toning the skin, cuts, scrapes, burns, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, age spots, etc.)
**Hard Surfaces! 
   (counter tops, yoga mats, door handles, grocery cart handle, airplane tray table, restaurant tables, etc.)

H2 Blue

With H2 Blue you can: 
**Demonstrate the presence of Dissolved H2 in alkaline water 
**Easily measure Dissolved H2 in parts per million 
**Insure that your water ionizer is working at peak performance
Ty Bollinger Endorses Echo Water
benefits of hydrogen water
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Echo Filtration 
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NSF/ANSI 42 Components & Conforms to Material Safety Requirements Only