Echo® 9 Ultra H2 Water Machine
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*Installation is included FREE anywhere in the U.S.

The Echo® 9 Water Machine is the ultimate in molecular Hydrogen production

It is engineered with the most advanced technologies. The key element in the performance of the Echo® 9 Ultra H2 is the really high concentration of molecular Hydrogen dissolved in the water. For the first time ever in the industry, the Echo® 9 Ultra H2 creates hydrogen rich water not only in alkaline water form but also creates neutral pH water with molecular Hydrogen. A hybrid machine like this has never before been achieved, until now!

The water cell does not degrade over usage and time. The patented anti-scale system completely stops scale or calcium build-up on the cathodes (negatively charged electrodes) and lengthens the life of the electrodes . 

In other water ionizers, minerals are attracted or have an affinity to the cathode due to the positive electrical charge. If minerals build up on the cathode, the dissolving of molecular hydrogen is greatly reduced down to a non-detectable amount. With lower levels of molecular Hydrogen the water will no longer be as therapeutic.
  • Echo® Warranty is the best in the industry. It covers parts, labor, and shipping. No fine print. No exclusions…just peace of mind. 
  • The Echo® 9 Ultra H2 has patented technologies that make it impossible for mineral buildup on the cathodes. This technology changes the electrical charge of the electrodes every time the ionizer is turned on. In short we swap the cathode and anode with every use. 
  • The Echo® 9 Ultra H2 is guaranteed to operate scale free “Forever” 
  • You will not find a better system in terms of performance, reliability, quality, and support…period.
  • Elegant design
  • Easy Filter Replacement
  • Low water pressure alarm
  • Patented anti-scale system
  • Automation controlled by advanced Micom circuit
  • Hot water protection – Machine will turn off if it senses hot water
  • Echo® Filters removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Fluoride, metals, algae, fungus, viruses, bacteria. It is a multi stage filter

Platinum Electrolytic Cell

Echo® Water Ionizers create healthy, clean, hydrogen-enriched water from tap water. Hydrogen water helps to restore the internal homeostasis and remove toxic waste from the body.

Superior Electrodes-Proprietary Design = Higher Performance and longer life. 

We have 9 electrodes. 5 layers of platinum, the platinum is strategically coated on our 9 proprietary electrodes. The proprietary design increases the performance, lifespan of the electrodes, and the usable surface area of the electrode making it more effective and efficient at producing high levels of dissolved hydrogen gas and Hypochlorous acid. The design increases the surface area at which electrolysis can occur. This greatly increases the efficiency of the Echo® water cell to produce high levels of molecular hydrogen and HOCl even in low mineral content. 

Patented Anti-Scale System

The patented water cell design completely removes any mineral build-up on the Cathode. This allows the machine to produce the highest amount of molecular Hydrogen and Hypochlorous acid.

(Note most other ionizers will buildup mineral deposits on the cathode within 2 weeks of normal use.)

USA Patent No. 6,951,225

Filter Life Indicator

The easy to read filter indicator gives you an approximate indication of remaining water filter life. It looks like cell phone bars.4 bars visible -at least 75% filter life left, when only, 3 bars showing-50% filter life left, 2 bars showing 25% filter life left and when only 1 bar is showing there is less than 25% filter life. When the filter indicator blinks it is time to change the filter. The ionizer also says” Please change filter” when you turn it on each time.

Micom System

The Micom System is a microcomputer that controls all functions.It features self-diagnosis and a one-touch system for all functions.
  • Product Manufacture Permission Number 
    No. 610 

  • Feature
    Ion Water Generator 

  • Model
    Echo 9 

  • Input Voltage
    AC 110V or 220V (switchable) 

  • Input Electricity
    10A (350W) SMPS 

  • Weight
    6.5kg / 14.33lbs. 

  • Overall Dimension
    9.6 x 5 x 13 (inches) 

  • Applicable Water Inflow Pressure
    10 – 50 psi. 

  • Applicable Water Temperature
    4-30° C / 41-86° F 

  • Unit Operation Type
    One touch- Automated Ionization Start 

  • Unit Operation Means
    Tap-Water-Open and – Close

Electrolysis Device

  • Electrolysis Method
  • Electrolysis Method Electrolysis Strength
    114 changeable settings for power 
  • Ionized Water Output Rate
    Max 3.5L/min total flow. Recommended 1.5L/min. total flow. 
  • Cleaning Device
    Automatic-Reversing Polarity (Cathode & Anode swap on every use) 
  • Electrode Materials
    5 layers of Platinum over Titanium / 9 Electrodes 

Water Purifying Device 

  • Filter Life
    1000 gallons. Approx 12 Months 
  • Filter Life Indicator
    FND Indication 
  • Filter Composition
    Multi Stage Filtration – Includes tourmaline, activated carbon and KDF 55. 
  • Water Purifying Device
    Low Pressure Auto Shut Off 
  • Water Supply
    Direct Connection to Water Supply 
Echo® 9 Ultra H2
$2,995.00 *(Free Shipping)
*Financing Available
*Installation is included FREE anywhere in the U.S.